Chief appraiser Kevin J. Bowman is a Pennsylvania Certified General Appraiser with decades of expereince in real estate. Starting in 1977 , he was involved in the sale and/or listing of  millions of dollars in houses, commercial buildings, and businesses. He also began serving as an assistant to  his broker-of-record in appraisal assignments. In 1985, he opened his own firm, 1st Equity Appraisal Services, and he has been involved in the appraisal or review of over 10,000 residential, industrial, and commercial pieces of property. He has also served as a consultant to both Allegheny County and private property owners in thousands of tax appeal cases. He has appeared in court numerous times to testify as an expert witness, has appeared on local real estate radio shows, has conducted numerous appraisal seminars, and is the author of "A Guide To Real Estate Appraisals In Pennsylvania". As a private investor,  he not only is involved in the local real estate rental market, but he has overseen the  construction of or rehabilitation of dozens of  residential properties throughout western Pennsylvania.